Every Cake we make is unique to our customer, our gallery only provides a glimpse of what we can do.

The nature of our work makes it very difficult to provide set prices to each cake.

For example a cake might have three tiers with 21 Rose flowers on it, but if you need a two tier cake with 6 Rose flowers, then it could show a price difference, hence to keep it more fair, we charge each cake purely on the work involved in it.

Please fill our enquiry form or call us to discuss your exact requirements.

We would be delighted to quote best price according to your needs.

The normal pricing for a regular cake is Rs.750/- Kg onwards, however we will not charge exuberant prices for extra art work, most of the time its complimentary from our side except if they require more from a cake, Like a Steel Cake Stand or any other accessories as such which will be charged accordingly.

So the customer most of the time ends up paying only for the cake.

The chocolates are priced @Rs.850/Kg. Onwards (We use the best raw products from Singapore in preparation of these chocolates)