Choose your cake

Regular Cakes

Each cake is lovingly home baked and created from high quality ingredients. For regular cakes we use the Vanilla sponge, but all the flavourings and fillings used are real fruit crushes and real / frozen fruits. We dont just use essence and colours when not required, giving the ultimate real taste of the fruit.

Chocolate Cakes

For this we use moist spongy freshly baked chocolate sponge, which is not made spongy using syrup as found with regular Bakers, we let the moistness to fill in with delicious real Chocolate Ganache (Chocolate cooked in real cream not Hydrogenated cream) or Lite Chocolate fillings hence the chocolate cake is a fantastically rich moist chocolaty sponge cake.

Exotic cakes

In this category we present you the wildest of the cake base choices like, Brownie, Tira-mi-su, Almond Pound Cakes, Australian Almond Dundee Cake, Devils Sponge Cake, Rich Plum Cakes, Premium Fruit Cakes etc,

Wedding Cakes

This is going to be that special unique cake which you might have always dreamt about but we make it a reality. It might be just a simple cake or might be a three tiered cake we take care of your choice of colours not only following the traditional all white cake, check our Gallery for that once in a life-time Cake with precious fillings inside.

Eggless Cakes

For all you Veggies, we do make the same flavour with the same taste but only vegetarian, for you. Your preference is highly respected and you won�t find a difference.

Sugar Free Cakes

For people who avoid Sugar, let us not worry them we do have Sugar-Free Cakes, let us know while ordering.

Flavour / Fillings

This is the most easiest part for us, since we let you choose your favourite fillings for your cake, however we have unlimited flavours some of them are Kiwi, Black Currant, Blue Berry, Lychees, Zesty Orange, Peaches, Mango, Pineapple, Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon Curd, etc,. In case you have not seen your favourite flavour listed here do remind us we will get it for you. We also have some flavours especially for adults, yes, we have Peaches cooked in Red-wine, Cherries cooked in Whiskey, Grilled Pineapple in Brandy & Raisins marinated in Rum (Dark / White) and many more exciting fillings, in case if you got same beeter ideas do Let us know we will be happy to note that . We love to be traditionally trandy .


Most of the time we use Marzipan (almond paste), in all our decoratives we make, which gives its elegant look as well it enhances the taste of your cake, so we request our customers to please use this not only as decoratives but also 100% edible and healthy. We sometimes also use Pastilage floral designs which is also edible but they are bit harder. Note- We make sure our maximum best, to avoid using nuts (whole/part) for any of the kids cake, until suggested.


We do have some of the most mouthwatering chocolates for you along with Liqueur Chocolates, which are again customised to your flavouring and needs, however the minimum order has to be minimum 02 kgs and kindly let us know 4days in advance. This comes in beautiful package which along with taste also looks elegant. These can also be used as return gifts for Kids Birthday parties or just to have some 'meetha' after the dinner. To name a few we have got Fig'n' & Dates, Almond Rocks, Rum 'n' Raisins, Rice Crispies and many more exciting flavours or you can choose your own stuffing just let us know in advance.