We specialize in making the ultimate Designer Cakes customized to you and your thoughts. That doesn't means that we will charge you a bomb but, it's almost the same price, your neighborhood bakers might charge.

We believe that you should always remember the cake you cut for the occasion along with your friends, family and dear ones which should be something unforgettable, we offer the Designer Cakes right from Birthday's of kids or a cake to your loving Dad on his Retirement Day, to a simple Congratulatory Cake for your Boss, or a Graduation cake for your nephew, or might be a naughty cake for your boyfriend for his last Bachelor's Party whatever your themes or ideas can be, we fulfill it, each of our cake is hand sculpted and 100% unique, making the choice endless!

Go through our galleries and search if you want something more unique give us your inputs we will shape it for you.

We at cake affairs will give the best experience of a cake, our customers are our main priority and their ideas are our work, we will taste you the blissfulness of a real cake, we use the highest food safety standards while preparing your cake.

Our Chefs are trained professionals, they have good working knowledge of USPH (United States Public Health) and time monitoring/control systems (HACCP).